Colaborativa La Milpa - Buncombe County, NC

Colaborativa La Milpa


CIMA logo

Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Acción (CIMA)

CIMA connects, strengthens, and organizes communities to take action for immigrants’ rights in Western North Carolina. CIMA maintains a hotline, provides educational workshops, organizes volunteers, and coordinates direct support and rapid response systems. Founded in 2002.

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MaHnakihu HN Logo

Mä hñäkihu:

Indigenous Language Preservation

Mä hñäkihu: Indigenous Language Preservation Project leads efforts to strengthen the connection to the Hñähñú culture and language so that it lives on in future generations. This project engages the many Emma residents who have roots in the Hñähñú community in the Mezquital Valley of Hidalgo, Mexico. Founded in 2018.

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poder emma logo square


Community Ownership

PODER Emma Community Ownership
is a neighborhood-based organization that fights displacement through community organizing and cooperative development. This work is centered around the belief that communities have the wisdom and experience needed to create powerful collective solutions, and that cooperative development is key to creating community power and equity. Founded in 2016.

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Raices Emma Erwin logo 2020

Emma – Erwin

Raíces Emma – Erwin offers cultural programming that supports the inclusion and recognition of Latinx immigrant families in the Erwin School District. Raíces After School and Summer Camp use arts and culture to build confidence and pride, with parents and community members as active leaders. Founded in 2007 as Nuestro Centro, the organization changed its name to Raíces in 2020. 

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