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Colaborativa La Milpa

About  Colaborativa  La  Milpa

Over the past 20 years, Latinx immigrant leaders in the Emma neighborhood (Anigiduwagi/Cherokee land) have been organizing around mutual aid, community defense, and the uplift of our cultures. From these efforts a number of grassroots organizations emerged, including Nuestro Centro (now Raíces Emma-Erwin), CIMA, PODER Emma Community Ownership, and Mä hñäkihu: Indigenous Language Preservation Project.

After years of deep collaboration, in 2018 our organizations officially united to implement a vision for greater cooperation and sustainability. Colaborativa La Milpa was established as a collective response for building capacity around fundraising, planning, evaluation, and coordinated strategic approaches.

Colaborativa La Milpa is creating a model for sharing infrastructure so more energy can go directly to our programs, and for combining efforts to avoid duplicating work. We come together to break patterns of isolation that exist on individual and organizational levels. We practice building community, being in true solidarity, and being in collaboration rather than competition. We believe that working collectively expands our impact.

Afirmamos que cada una de nuestras organizaciones es más fuerte cuando todas nuestras organizaciones prosperan.


Activar, desarrollar capacidades y apoyar a las organizaciones comunitarias para asegurar su impacto y sostenibilidad.


Comunidades saludables, unidas y florecientes que honran los orígenes, las identidades y el poder.

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Geny Hernández López
Director of Organizational Development & Popular Education

Angeli Sosa
Operations & Finance Coordinator

Ami Worthen
Cultivadora | Grants Coordinator

Bianca Landaverde
Operations & Finance Assistant


Carolina Siliceo Perez
Buncombe County

Angélica Reza-Wind
Nuestra VOZ


Alikhan Salehi
Colegio Comunitario AB Tech

Greg Walker Wilson
Walker Wilson Consulting



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